Students meet PhDs and Postdocs at ULB

The SPP@ULB is a cycle of seminars in Mathematics delivered by PhDs and Postdocs
and addressed to other PhDs, but also to interested master students.

The aim of these seminars is twofold: on the one hand, they would give a glimpse
of academic activity after the degree that may intrigue joung students;
on the other hand, they are intended to be a meeting occasion for PhDs and Postdocs
where to share ideas, collect feedbacks from the community and practice their presentation skills.

Concretely, seminars will be held once per month and they will be 45 minutes long,
followed by a quarter of hour dedicated to questions, comments or simply discussion between the participants.

Meetings are usually organized in the Salle des Professeurs, Campus de la Plaine – Bâtiment NO – Niveau 9.
If you would like to join us, or simply to leave a comment, please fill in the following


Salle des Profs 1
Salle des Profs 2
Building NO
Building BC


Maxime Weytens


20/06/2023, 16h30

Salle des profs, Campus de la Plaine

Forthcoming Seminars

Past Seminars

Speaker Title Date
Anna Vanden Wyngaerd Algebraic combinatorics and the q,t-Catalan numbers 29/10/2019
Réamonn Ó Buachalla A Differential Geometric Introduction to Schubert Calculus 21/11/2019
Yannick Herfray Conformal manifolds, tractors, and the asymptotic geometry on gravitational waves 05/12/2019
Matthias Schötz Introduction to Deformation Quantization   -   Presentation 06/02/2020
Manuel Aprile Extended formulations and a connection with communication protocols   -   Presentation 05/03/2020
Carole Muller On packing and covering problems   -   Presentation 02/04/2020
Paul Großkopf Fractals, radix representation and automata   -   Presentation 25/11/2020
Paolo Saracco A gentle introduction of the Connes-Moscovici's bialgebroid and its universal properties   -   Presentation 16/12/2020
Matthew Drescher Designing Approximation Algorithms for Vertex Cover problems on 3-regular hypergraphs   -   Recording 17/02/2021
Yan Qian A Small Peek into Multi-Target Tracking Using Multiple Cameras   -   Recording   -   CNN explainer 17/03/2021
Paulien Jansen Geometries and their automorphisms   -   Recording 17/03/2021
Pierre Zuyderhoff Ruin-based risk measures in discrete-time risk models   -   Recording 12/05/2021
Thomas Dumont Contact structures   -   Presentation 13/10/2021
Julien Remy Orthogonal Arrays   -   Presentation (ppsx) 17/11/2021
William Hautekiet Partial modules and comodules over Hopf algebras   -   Presentation   -   Recording 15/12/2021
Thomas Saillez Introduction to toric varieties   -   Presentation 24/02/2022
Partha Sarathi Ghosh Spinors in geometry and gauge theory 15/03/2022
Manh Tien Nguyen Minimal surfaces in the hyperbolic space   -   Presentation   -   YouTube video 19/04/2022
Shreya Bhattacharya The Sunspot Numbers   -   Presentation 25/05/2022
Julie Huyghe An introduction to insurance pricing models and in particular tree-based machine learning models   -   Presentation 20/06/2022
Adrian Fischer New Goodness-of-Fit tests for the Weibull distribution   -   Presentation 18/10/2022
Corentin Vienne Some properties about non-associative algebras 15/11/2022
Julien Remy Inference on Directions under Weak Identifiability   -   Presentation 06/12/2022
Luka Bizjak Cohomology of algebraic varieties 07/02/2023
Thomas Letourmy Schur covers of skew braces 07/03/2023
Vivien Meurice Non-standard Hypotheses in Directional Statistics   -   Presentation 25/04/2023
Francisco Klock Campos Vidal A categorical approach to partial group actions (online)   -   Presentation 16/05/2023


William Hautekiet
Thomas Saillez
Paolo Saracco   -